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Milkmakers Lactation Tea - Coconut

Product Description

Smooth and distinctly delicious.  Milkmakers supports mom with lactation solutions for her lifestyle.  Drink tea, feed baby, repeat. Coconut flavored, helps boost milk supply, naturally caffeine free.

  • Delicious, organic lactation teas can help support breastmilk supply
  • 4X Concentrated! Drink one to two cups per day
  • preservative-free, dairy-free and fenugreek-free
  • Especially designed for the nursing mom
  • Grab and go

Did you know half of moms stop breastfeeding within the first six months because of milk supply issues?

Milkmakers lactation teas are a delicious, convenient way for nursing moms to get the nourishment breastfeeding moms need. Milkmakers Lactation Teas in Original Flavor are soothing and distinctly delicious. Our teas are organic, natural, dairy-free, preservative-free and fenugreek-free.

How does lactation tea work?

An infusion of nourishing herbs, including oatstraw, nettle, and fennel help mom's breast milk supply. With an abundance of naturally-occurring minerals, these herbs can help with mineral loss, as well as mom's vitality. They work together to make an effective Milkmakers tea.

For Best Results

Our teas are super-concentrated. One to two bags every day can help support a healthy milk supply. While every woman's body is different, most moms notice more milk production after a few days.

Grab and Go

On-the-go mom? Tuck a tea bag in your bag and you're ready for another busy breast feeding day. Hospitals and lactation consultants love our teas - so soothing, delicious and rich.

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