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Sign Baby, Sign! Theme: Love


Blue Cocoon

Product Description

This class will offer parents and babies the opportunity to learn everyday signs (ASL), advance the language development of their children, and understand their wants and needs much earlier than their spoken development would allow.
Why sign?
Babies want to communicate their wants and needs, but speech production happens at a slower rate than cognitive development. Because of this, infants and toddlers become frustrated and tantrums occur. Learning sign language can allow your child to communicate their desires before they are able to speak them. Babies can understand sign language as early as six months and begin to use it expressively between 8-10 months.
Research has been done indicating many benefits of using sign language with your child, including:
  • Language development up to one year ahead of non-signing peers
  • Larger expressive and receptive spoken vocabularies
  • Fewer tantrums
  • Improved parent-child bonding
  • Reduced negative aggressive behavior such as biting
  • Promotion of good literacy skills
  • Quicker potty training


*** We must have 4 families signed up to have class on the schedule. Please register at least four days ahead of time to ensure class will run! 

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