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Lenny Lamb Fleece Babywearing Jacket


Lenny Lamb

Product Description

Lenny Lamb Fleece Babywearing Jacket
Fleece Babywearing Jacket is a perfect solution for babywearing parents who like spending time outdoors and don't want to be limited in babywearing by the cold weather. The Jacket will come in handy for family trips.
The fleece fabric is characterized by high thermal insulation capability. It stays dry inside, allows your skin to breathe even when the weather conditions are extreme, with very low temperature. It also feels very soft and nice, it does not crease easily and dries quickly. It is all because of the very light fibers which don't absorb water.
Our fleece fabric is manufactured in Poland and it has all the indispensable certifications, it is safe for you and your baby as well as for the environment.
You can front and back carry with our Fleece Babywearing Jacket, it has a special pocket for the baby. As an addition we give you a fleece hood for the baby so you can protect your baby's head from the wind and the rain.
IMPORTANT: Fleece Babyweraing Jacket is not the carrying product. It does not carry the weight of your child. It is to be worn on you and your baby who is carried in a wrap or a carrier.

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