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Fidella Fusion



Product Description

The Fidella Simply Line convinces with plain elegance for affordable prices. Our low cost models from the Simply line are useful especially for carrying newbies. The beautiful Zig Zag Design is a wonderful splash of color due to the beautiful color combination.

Fusion Full-Buckle Carrier Simply -Green Zig Zag-

100% organic cotton. Produced with the Jacquard Classic weaving, this Wrap Conversion is suitable from the age of approx. 3 month. The height of the baby should be 68 - 98 cm. The maximum loadable weight of the carrier is 15 kg.

You can adjust the baby carrier according to the size and weight of your baby. The back panel is adjustable between 31 and 43 cm and the bridge between 14 and 45 cm. Thus the carrier is growing together with your child and always fits perfectly. The leg holes are padded to make it even more comfortable for you baby. However you can also adjust the carrier to fit your size. The waist belt is adjustable between 55 and 150 cm and the shoulder strings between 32 and 90 cm. Therefor the carrier can be used by people from sizes XS, 32 up to XXL, 52. This baby carrier is suitable for the belly and back carrying method.

You should carry your baby facing you, this way you are also protecting it from the irritations of the outside world. You should always pay attention that your baby is positioned, so it would sit in the so called "head-kiss-height". It is easy to check if your baby is sitting in the right position. If you can kiss your baby without stretching too much, everything is correct, however if you can?t, your baby is sitting too low.

Features overview:

  • A low cost beginner variation for every newbie to carrying
  • A waist belt length of 55 - 150 cm (adjustable steplessly)
  • The shoulder strings length is between 32 and 90 cm (adjustable steplessly)
  • The bridges length is 14 - 45 cm (adjustable steplessly)
  • The back panel has a length of 31 - 43 cm (adjustable steplessly)
  • Useable as a front and back carrier
  • Padded leg holes
  • Hood is adjustable as a neck headrest or sun protection
  • Area density of 220g per square meter
  • This low cost model does not include a fitting bag

This product fulfills the US American safety standards ASTM F2236-14 and the European standards CEN/TR 16512-2015

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