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Fidella Fly Tai - Amors Love Arrow



Product Description

The Mei-Tai carrier was produced with the complex jacquard classic weavingand is made of 100% organic wool. In order for your baby not to sweat and the carrier not to be unnecessarily heavy this carrier was made with an area mass of only 205g/m². The carrier is suitable from birth and loadable with a weight of up to 15 kg.

To make sure its comfortable for your baby, the carrier is adjustable to its size. You can modify the back panel steplessly in a range of 26- 36 cm and the bridgein a range of 11- 37 cm as well. Furthermore the leg holes are padded. When producing our carriers a lot of attention is payed to carrying comfort as well. Also here you can adjust the carrier to suit the wearers needs. You can adjust thebridge cords, which have a total length of 200 cm, and the waist belt, which is between 57 and 190 cm long to fit your size and weight.
This has the advantage that skinny women from a cloth size of XS (32) but also bigger men up to a size of XXL (52) can wear the carrier without a problem.

Special features of the Fly Tai Babysize:

  • The Mei-Tai is adjustable individually and steplessly -back panel (26 - 36 cm) -bridge (11 - 37 cm)
  • To distinguish between the cords both ends have different colors each
  • Suitable from birth
  • No disturbing materials like plastic and metal
  • The leg holes are padded, making it comfortable for your baby
  • Cloth size of wearer XS (32) up to XXL (52)

This carrier fulfills the US American safety standards ASTM F2236-14 and the European safety standards CEN/TR 16512-2015

Features of the  Fidella Fly Tai babycarrier

  • to 104 cm / 41 inches (child)
  • Completely manufactured from sling fabric (100% organic cotton); foam padding 100% polyester)
  • without accessories made of plastic or metal
  • without Velcro closures that can injure the sensitive sling fabric
  • Infinitely adjustable backpanell (30 - 48 cm), fixed by double knot.
  • Infinitely adjustable bridge (11 - 45 cm), fixed by double knot.
  • To better distinguish the strings: different ends (waist string round, shoulder string pointed)
  • from size XS (4) up to clothing size 6XL (24) (caregiver)

This carrier is compliant to ASTM F2236-14

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