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Diaper Swap Seller Registration



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Welcome!  If you want to sell in our swap, you MUST register here! Add a seller number to your cart and check out! This allows you to tag your items completely without having to write in your seller number at drop off. This method is commonly used in many other similar sales and streamlines the process for all of us! Call us at 513.791.1089 with any questions! 


1. Register and receive a seller number.

2. Once you have registered please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM HERE! <--- click here

3. Print out the seller tags, itemized seller list, and or carrier resale release form below. click links

      click here --->  PRINT TAGS for all items in sale 

       click here ---> PRINT ITEMIZED SELLER SHEET (do not write on back print multiple sheets if needed)

        click here ---> PRINT CARRIER RESALE FORM 


SAFETY PIN seller numbers to diapers not through the PUL/Plastic. 

May TAPE ONLY to plastic baggies (numbers fall off if tapped to fabric)

Write neat so we know if its a 6 vs a 9! 

Pin or baggie loose items that are paired together so they are not separated.

Follow the Blue Cocoon SWAP EVENT page HERE for more details and updates! 

PLEASE share and invite your friends via networking and social media! We look forward to another amazing swap and supporting our community! 

No STROLLERS during the swap 

DROP OFF is the week prior to the event at Blue Cocoon during regular business hours. PLEASE NOTE you may have to wait several minutes to get your diapers checked in. Having completed the steps above will speed up the process.  

We are a drop off location for cloth diaper donations through The Rebecca Foundation, learn more here


No Refunds on seller registration fees. 

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