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Baby Led Weaning, BLW


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Product Description

Baby Led Weaning, BLW
Say good bye to the mush! Baby led weaning is an approach to introducing food that doesn't use purées, rice cereals and weird food combinations. It is all about knowing when your baby is ready and then feeding table food just like the rest of the family. We will discuss signs of readiness, safety concerns and the tools you will need to be successful.
Get answers to these common questions:
  • What is Baby Led Weaning?
  • Is Baby Led Weaning right for my baby?
  • What is a good age for Baby Led Weaning?
  • With Baby Led Weaning, Do I just give my baby the food and then walk-away?
  • Will my baby get enough of the right nutrients if we do baby led weaning?
  • Is it dangerous to skip purées and begin with table foods?


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